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The Rapture Survival Guide

"The Rapture Survival Guide is a comprehensive document focused on the events leading up to and succeeding the rapture of the church. It's designed to guide you through the end times, prove that the Bible is from God and save your eternal life."

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The Rapture Survival Guide is a compilation of information based on the rapture of the church. It discusses what to expect as a result and the future events which will shortly take place. It covers the tribulation period and every disaster that will occur as a result of God's wrath on earth. It also covers the subject of Christianity and proves that the Bible is a book written by God and originates outside of space and time. Most importantly it will tell you how you can accept Jesus Christ and become saved so you can spend eternity in heaven.

The document is not intended to help you survive the tribulation as the name might suggest, but to help you fight the good fight for the Lord until He calls you home.

Basic Tips for Surviving the Tribulation:

Accept Jesus and believe He died and rose again

• Do not worship the antichrist or take the mark of the beast!

Realize there is a loving God who is in total control

• Don't be deceived by "the lie" (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12) which could be an alien deception or 'enlightenment'

Read the Bible

• Pray without ceasing

For more information on the rapture including some great videos, have a look at my Rapture page.

After the rapture I won't be here to share this guide with those who need it so if you've found it helpful please share it to anyone and everyone you can so that they too may be saved. You can also print it and leave copies in people's mailboxes or put it on flash drives to give them out.

To find out more about Christianity and why the bible has to be true, head to my subdomain Christianity, where there's a wide range of topics to get you started.

Revelation Timeline Downloads

To download the timeline, including a simple version, the more detailed version, and the printable versions, have a look at my Christian Resources page.

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